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take it! belongs to your and pump benefits

2019-07-23 15:29:19

sorry,phray medical has sent it for free...

is there always a problem?

insulin pump is small

but there is no place to put it


never appeared

but indeed

you need it

insulin pump portable protective bag

solve all your inconvenience


1) active objects

all diabetics using insulin pumps

2) activity mode

each pump is given a swiss-made insulin pump portable protective bag a diabetes education manual

3) ways of participation

individual users participating in the event need to pay attention to the "ruiyu medical" public number on wechat, and obtain free credits through the public information message. message content: name, delivery address and contact information, insulin pump brand used, age and situation, purchase channel

4) deadline

may 22, 2019

please refer to the official notification of ruiyu for details.


ruiyu medical

give you the most careful care

when you need it most

behind us

work side by side with you to fight diabetes